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Freight Factoring

  • From $5,000 to $15 million
  • High advanves on freight bills
  • Low freight factoring rates
  • Factoring product to fit your needs
  • Reliable funding source
  • Deal with decision makers
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Fuel Advances

  • 40% on facilities of up to $150,000
  • Fee is $30 up to $1,000
  • Fee is $50 $1,001 and up
  • Further approval for $150,000+
  • Comdata fuel cards
  • More information
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Funding Off Copies

  • Faster funding
  • Recourse accounts only
  • Debtor must agree to copies
  • Must be legible copies
  • Originals will not be required
  • More information
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Other Programs

  • Same day funding
  • No contracts
  • No minimums
  • Non-recourse
  • Spot factoring
  • Startups and small carriers
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Welcome to TruckingFactors!

Freight factoring services for truckers and carriers throughout the United States and Canada

Trucking Cash Flow Solutions

We are a trucking factoring company with an experienced team of trucking and transportation freight factoring professionals helping carriers and their cash flow since 1978.


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As one of the most competitive trucking funding companies in the nation, we help large and small sized truckers and freight brokers with creative freight funding solutions nationwide.


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Top-Grade Freight Factoring

Freight factoring requires a financial services company that trully understands trucking and transportation - freight factoring is all we do!



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Our trucking and transportation factoring team are educated funding specialists committed to the financial well-being of their clients.



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Large Trucking Companies

We specialize in funding the larger trucking companies and carriers seeking advances on their receivables of at least $1,000,000 a month but we can also help the startups and smaller trucking companies.


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Start-Ups and Small Carriers

If you are a startup or a small trucking company seeking advances starting as low as $5,000, our small business group can offer you top-grade service and rates that are one of the lowest in the industry.


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Why Us?

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  • We've been in the trucking funding business since the 1970's
  • Intergity, Reliability and Dependability
  • Simple process from application to funding - fast funding
  • Advances on freight bills to 92.5% or higher (case by case)
  • We help you increase your loads by granting credit to your customers
  • A reliable funding source for security and continued growth

About Us is a trucking financial services subsidiary of Asset Management & Operational Resources, a holding company that has been operating since 1976.

We offer quick cash flow solutions to trucking companies (from startups, 1-truck owner-operators to multi-fleet carriers) as well as most transportation companies including air and ocean cargo carriers to freight trains, intermodal and logistics companies, among others.


Our clients will have instant access to leading-edge trucking and transportation factoring services with high advances on their accounts receivables and one of the lowest factoring fees in the industry.  More...